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Play outside. Win free stuff.

Starting March 13, 2019, we are launching our Discover What’s Out There Giveaway on Facebook and Instagram. Thanks to our fantastic sponsors, you can win free outdoor gear from REI and Osprey and state park passes from Colorado Parks and Wildlife. And if you want to double your chances of winning, make sure to enter on both Instagram and Facebook each month from March to June.

How to enter the Discover What’s Out There Giveaway:

Step 1.

Follow us on Instagram or like us on Facebook

Step 2.

We’ll be asking you questions about what you and your family enjoy doing outside. And all you have to do is answer by commenting on the post. If entering on Instagram, tag three friends in your comment.

Step 3.

Cross your fingers. You’re entered to win! Winners will be randomly selected on both Instagram and Facebook and will be announced at the end of each month.



Courtney Miller Neuber, Ule Yule-Lee, Casey Weiss,
Heather Kostecki, Mariah Schreiner, Cheri Wilson, Stephanie Beaver


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@starry_atelier, @kristenekeren, @gretelbaker13, @goldfish5_12_99

Download the list.

Take the 100 Things to Do Before You’re 12 list with you on your next adventure, or print it off and hand it to your nearest youngster.

Be our friend.

Follow us to find out about events and to get more ideas for fun things to do outside.

Join the Raising Generation Wild Facebook group.

A community where parents, teachers, and those involved with raising Generation Wild come together to share ideas and support each other.

Let’s play tag.

Share pictures of your kiddos ticking things off the list on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using our hashtags.




Become a card carrying

Does your kid have dirt on their hands? Have their blue jeans turned green from grass stains? Are they sporting at least one Band-Aid? Then they’re a bona fide member of Generation Wild. Download and print a Generation Wild card for them to carry around.