Backyard Hacks

Introducing Backyard Hacks, the best thing to happen to the backyard since the BBQ. One of the most challenging parts of raising a Generation Wild child is finding easy stuff to do outside. So we created Backyard Hacks to be a series of short, fun how-to videos of things you can do with kids in the backyard.


Pile of dirt

Pile of sand

Pile of worms

Large jar

Step 1: Pour an inch of sand into the jar, followed by an inch of soil.
Step 2: Repeat until the jar is full.
Step 3: Add worms.
Step 4: Watch the worms do their thing by moving the dirt and sand around.
Step 5: Every few days add small fruit and vegetables scraps to the jar. Add water when the dirt gets dry. When motel management is ready for vacation, release the worms into your garden.


Pair of cotton socks

Flower pot

Potting soil


Step 1: Put the socks on and walk all over your backyard, through grass, flower beds, or whatever else you see.
Step 2: Place socks in flower pot.
Step 3: Dump potting soil over socks.
Step 4: Add water.
Step 5: Watch what grows.



Aluminum foil


Plastic wrap

Graham crackers


Chocolate bar

Step 1: Line the inside of a shoebox with foil.
Step 2: Layer the chocolate bar and marshmallow on top of the graham cracker, put a graham cracker on top, and place it in the box.
Step 3: Cover the top with plastic wrap and tape it down.
Step 4: Place the box in direct sunlight until melted. Baking time may vary.
Step 5: Remove the plastic wrap and chow down.



2-liter bottle


Duct tape

Step 1: With the help of an adult, poke holes all over the plastic bottle with scissors. Create your own design and figure out which works best.
Step 2: Connect the bottle to the hose with duct tape.
Step 3: Connect the hose to an outdoor faucet.
Step 4: Turn the water on and cool off.