Did you know that children today spend less time playing outside than past generations? That’s not just something old curmudgeons say. It’s true. On average, kids today only spend 4-7 minutes each day in unstructured play.

Playing outside is more than a way to pass the time. It’s also an important part of a child’s development. Research has shown that children who play outside are more creative, less aggressive, less stressed, and have reduced ADHD symptoms. Plus, spending time in nature as a child helps you grow up to appreciate the environment as an adult.

Great Outdoors Colorado created Generation Wild to reconnect kids with nature and get them to experience the incredible benefits that are right outside the front door. Because kids grow better outside.

Great Outdoors Colorado invests a portion of Colorado Lottery proceeds to help preserve and enhance the state’s parks, trails, wildlife, rivers and open spaces. Our independent board awards competitive grants to local governments and land trusts, and makes investments through Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Created by voters in 1992, GOCO has committed more than $1 billion in Lottery proceeds to more than 5,000 projects in all 64 counties without any tax dollar support.



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